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Fiancee Visa APVisa K1 Fiancee and K3 Marriage Visas. We are the largest and best service of our kind providing k1 fiancée & k3 marriage visa service to bring your husband, wife, bride or groom to the USA. Our size and economy of scale permit us to offer k 1 fiancé visa service for only $999.00 compared to $1800 to $2000 for most other visa services and k 3 marriage visa service at similar savings. We do hundreds of k1 fiancee/fiance visas every year. K-1 fiancee and K-3 marriage visas are our total focus. Most important, we have a large and capable staff to handle the many issues which arise in the processing of visas such as hand delivery of important papers, interview coaching and appointment expediting at the US Embassy. Please review the Q and A. Feel free to e mail us with questions. If you are not sure which visa is right for you, use our quick K-1 Fiancee or K-3 marriage visa selector tool. When you are ready to start the process of bringing your loved one to the United States, simply fill out the convenient Fiancee & Marriage Visa order form and we start the process of obtaining immigration and American citizenship and bringing your loved one to America. We have a winning combination.  Reasonable cost. Hundreds done yearly. 100% visa success rate on k-1 & k-3. Immigration to the USA. Get American citizenship for your husband wife or bride. Once your loved one is in the US we can also do his/her adjustment of status for permanent residence (green card). Click here for our adjustment of status page.


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